How to Boost Your Baby’s Cognitive Development

Various studies have suggested that the first few years of a baby’ life are the most critical when it comes to brain development. It is simply put a golden opportunity for parents to maximize their baby’s brainpower provided they know exactly what to do. Here are some activities you can use for any 3 to 6-month-old to help boost their cognitive development!


You need to get your hands on those big colourful picture books- the more room there is for engagement, the better. Amongst all those bright patterns and bold colours, your baby’s brain will have a field day. If you seem to be having trouble settling him down, head on over to Bubba Chew for some quality teethers that will keep him preoccupied.

Small Talk

In a world where all our youngsters are obsessed with and take their influence from phones and televisions, you need to influence and engage with your baby while you still can. From the day he is born talk to your baby and build that intimacy. Tell him about your day and just the simplest things in general but make sure to make eye contact while doing so.


Have a small mirror attached next to his crib or as one of his toys during playtime. You can also have one of your wall mirrors attached lower so it’s level with his face. While he plays, he’ll see himself in the mirror and while he may not know that it Is his own reflection, he’ll definitely love seeing someone smiling and waving their arms about.

Noisy Toys

These toys are a great way to stimulate your baby’s brain. Especially look for toys that make sounds when touched or with special buttons etc. This will help your baby learn more about cause and effect- hitting certain buttons will create nice noises. Also don’t forget to compare and teach him about the different sounds of different toys like rattles, drums, bells etc.


Get some objects that will be relatively easy to clean so he can experiment with different textures with both his hands and mouth.

Hands-On Approach

Play games that involve hands- for example, patty cake, peekaboo etc. This is a great way of getting your baby’s attention (we all know how hard that can be) and also educate him a little on physical interactions with the outside world.


Don’t get frustrated or ignore your baby when he cries as this is a new, strange world for him. He needs to establish that positive emotional security with at least one of his caregivers. So respond fast when you notice that he’s upset by soothing, cuddling and reassuring. This will build up positive brain circuitry and stimulate more growth rather than hindering it.


Loving massages promote growth and also reduce a baby’s stress levels. Stress levels can make your baby finicky and always reluctant to try new things, instead opting to cry. The occasional massage fills them with positive contentment and once again, establishes a sense of emotional security.

These are some of the best ways you can boost your baby’s capabilities. Remember, it’s about positive engagement. The more you engage, the more they stand to gain from you.

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