How To Get Your Child To Do Their Chores

Getting children to do chores can be exhausting. After a long day of work, you may come back to find that they haven’t done a single thing you’ve told them to and it takes every little ember of patience to keep you from blowing up. They don’t quite understand just yet that we depend on them to make the day a little less tiring to deal with. But here are some steps you can take to get your child to do some chores around the house!

Zero Distractions

Instead of wasting time explaining the importance of responsibility to your kids and why they need to do chores, cut straight to the chase and take away whatever is distracting them from doing their work. Most of the time, this means confiscating electronics. Tell him as soon as his tasks are completed, he’ll get it back. Keep giving him incentives- find out what exactly he plans to do after his tasks are over and tell him he can get about it if he manages to finish up in time.

Time Limit

If you don’t give your child a deadline for his chores, chances are he’s going to take his own sweet time doing it and come next weekend the work still wouldn’t have been done! The next time you give your child a chore, allocate a certain time it has to be done by. To make them take this deadline more seriously, you can also tell them if they don’t complete it in time, they’ll have to go to bed earlier than usual.


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If you give your child regular allowances, you’re better off tying that to their ability to finish chores. Each time they complete a chore, they get a small allowance. If they get a younger sibling to complete the work for them, the allowance goes to the sibling. You’ll be surprised at how much this may act as a motivator to some kids. You’ll want to keep an eye on their money spending, however.


The schedule is to make kids realize that it’s not a choice between fun and chores but rather boredom and chores. Because if they don’t finish their tasks then unfortunately they won’t be able to go and play. So before they get to move on to their games or watching television, they need to complete a few simple tasks like arranging the bed or put the dirty clothes in the laundry etc.


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There is no end to the sort of incentives you can give your child a motivation to get things done. We all work for a reason, we’re all motivated by something and there’s nothing wrong with a child following the reward system as well! You can look up discount kids clothes online if your child is into clothes and you can’t always be buying them at full price every time they do something good.

While integration of these steps would be best, these are the most effective ways you can get your child to go about doing his chores!

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