Striving for Equality this International Women’s Day

On 8 March every year, people across the world come together to celebrate the power of women and further the fight for equality. International Women’s Day, or IWD as it’s often called, is a chance to reflect on the significant progress women have made and refocus on the need to accelerate progress toward gender parity.
What is International Women’s Day?

Celebrated for over 100 years, International Women’s Day has roots stretching right back to the early 1900s. Originally a protest against the inequality and oppression women experienced in a changing and expanding world, it has grown to be one of the most widely recognised symbols of women’s enduring disadvantage.

A truly international event, the celebration of IWD is not limited to any specific country or organisation. While it is generally recognised through a program of events designed to educate, entertain, and inspire, some countries mark the day with an official holiday.

For more information on International Women’s Day, its history, and how it’s being observed this year, check out the IWD website.
Striving for equality

Recognising the role every individual can play in creating an equal world, the theme for IWD 2020 is #EachForEqual. Based on the belief that gender equality isn’t just a women’s issue – it’s an economic one – this year’s celebrations will focus on how greater equality will help create a happier, healthier, more harmonious world.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Gender Gap Report, if progress continues at current rates, it could take over a century until we reach real gender parity. This means that not only are we unlikely to see equality our lifetime, our daughters will also be disadvantaged by unjust social structures – and probably their daughters too.

While the gender gap is smaller here in Australia, and some industries (like education and healthcare) have made more progress than others, there is still plenty of work to do. According to statistics from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency:

While women make up 47.4% of all employed people in Australia, only 37.7% of full-time employees are women.

On average, women working full-time in Australia earn 13.9% less than their male counterparts and have 20.5% less superannuation at retirement.

Only 17.1% of CEOs are women, and 34% of governing bodies have no female directors.

What does equality mean to us?

We believe that equality is about having the ability to live the life you want. Too often, we are forced to make choices, like between staying at home with our little ones or going back to work, and are judged for the path we take. But all routes to and through motherhood are equally valid and should be accepted and respected.

We also feel that there will never be true equality until women have the support they need to fully participate in every facet of society. From parental leave provisions and the affordability and availability of childcare to the acceptance and destigmatising of breastfeeding, mamas have to overcome multiple barriers every day. Only when these are removed will we be able to realise our full potential.

This is why we provide practical and stylish clothing options for all new mamas, whatever their life path and daily routine. For example, our breastfeeding tops range from work to casual and are suitable for everything in between. Whatever your choice, whether that’s discreetly breastfeeding while you’re out or pumping in the office, we have you covered.

While it may not be much, it’s one small thing we can do to try to create the change we want to see – and we truly appreciate your support.

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