Spring with Feminine Florals

New York fashion week wrapped up just a few short weeks ago with designers from around the globe revealing and showing off their latest Spring 2015 fashion creations on the runway.

While what we saw ranged from pretty to absolutely outrageous (thanks for the Peter Pan collar, Michael Kors), there were two key fashion features that grabbed our attention – and many are already found in our Australian 2014 Spring range.

Bright and Vibrant Florals

Ditch the soft pastels this season! If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, seek out pieces that feature rich, highly saturated jewel tones and blazing shades. This spring is all about contemporary takes on classic floral prints. Visually stunning bright and unique colour combinations such as bold reds with Japanese-inspired floral patterns or black dresses with neon perennials are going to be a hit this season.


Florals weren’t the only trending print that walked down the runway this season. Gingham prints and stripes in nautical and zig zag patterns were also a favourite amongst designers, and pop-art inspired designs garnered a lot of attention from top fashion critics.

Reviving Retro Designs

It’s no secret that the fashion world has a love affair with anything retro, and so it was no surprise to see these styles show up again in the collections of many designers. 1970s-inspired Bohemian styles continue to grace the catwalk while wide skirt dresses reminiscent of what our mothers or grandmothers may have worn 50 years ago made quite the comeback this season.

Another hot design feature this season: wrap tops and dresses. Wraps have always been a top fashion choice as they are sexy and incredibly feminine. Seek out well structured wrap dresses and tops that will highlight your best features while hiding any uncomfortable spots, such as a post-pregnancy tummy.

Picking you Print

Florals will always be a classic, but these prints can range in a variety of designs. So which floral print is right for you?

  • For Simple Sophistication:  For those in search of a more feminine print and who aren’t keen on making a bold statement, look for smaller, daintier flower prints. Work in today’s trend of bright colours by pairing them with neutral tones (i.e. black, white, and beige tones) for a more “quiet” print.
  • For Brazen Statement Makers:  Large floral designs in bright and vibrant designs are your best bet! To really stand out from the crowd, look for floral prints that include interesting eye-catching details.

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